Anonymous asked: I miss you. Come back.

I never left…


avantgoddess asked: Did I miss your birthday?? AHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE ❤️❤️

Yea, it was on the 7th but that’s ok! Thank you!!! <3


untilthepetalsfall asked: Happy birthday! :D

Thank you, love!!


craig-mcl-b asked: Happy anniversary of the day you were pushed from your mother's womb!!! I don't like conventional birthday greetings so like. Anywhos, have a fucking spectacular day full of fun and booze! That's if you drink. If not, then tea or water etc. FIREWORKS

Lol you’re so awesome! Thanks, man!! <3



Happy birthday, my dear, my dearest layinthefire! We have not talked for a looong time, and I miss you so much! You’re still one of the best human beings I’ve “met” here. Be happy forever. Love you,


You’re so incredibly sweet! I love you! <3


void-soul asked: Happy birthday

Thank you. :)

diesseresoloaria asked: best wishes!! ;)

Thank you!!! :)