penny lane
reaching an end to it all by LostOneself
Obedience by CanusLilium
i fade by LostOneself

Photo by Sandy Honig
What music player do you use for your tumblr? X asked by Anonymous

This one.

Soothing the pain by NataliaDrepina
Caught in the autumn by NataliaDrepina
A blog full of feelings. I truly admire you. (o^^o) asked by uguisumi-deactivated20140907

Indeed it is. Thank you so much, I’m flattered. :)

without even breathing by LostOneself
Mystery Of The Unknown by CrazyGirL44
Your poetry is amazing. Have you ever been in love? Your words speak the language of someone who's been deeply in love. asked by Anonymous

Thank you! <3

I have been in love. I live in love. All of the levels of feelings… that is where my poetry comes from. 

by Philomena-Famulok
"be proud that you are trying to do better and change for the greater good. and pray for those who are committed to misunderstanding you."

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by deepinswim
leave me alone tonight by Silmeria-sisi