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marry me ok. asked by Anonymous

Perhaps we should meet first. :)

by jarrod343
Dust to dust by Pathogens
die in paris by eikoweb
Final by NataliaDrepina
I just luv your blog ❤️ great job sweetheart ;) asked by h-e-d-o-n-e

Thank you!! <3

the light that would fade by LostOneself
oracle. by LeslieAnnODell
Hey you. I just want you to remember that you are a beautiful person and that life is going to be magnificent for you. Keep smiling, the world will see and reward you greatly. asked by Anonymous

This means a lot. Thank you so much, I’m sure you’re an amazing person. :)

Obscurity by NataliaDrepina

Enzo Dinolfo
Innocent Soul by NataliaDrepina
nice blog! asked by diaixela

Thank you!!